Mykonos PG120P
Mykonos PG120P
GLM Outdoor Solutions
GLM Outdoor Solutions

Mykonos PG120P is more than just a classic pergola option for controlled shading and effective protection against rain, snow and other weather conditions. In addition to ist functionality, it is characterized by its absolutely minimal aesthetics and top sturdiness, enabling elegant and large structures up to 6.5x4.5m or 6.2x4.2m in the free-standing version.


  • Concealed and silent mechanism that ensures smooth operation of the system
  • Special water sealing system from the louvers to the base of the posts, which incorporates an effective water drainage system to protect against overflow due to heavy rainfall
  • Controlled conditions thanks to the adoption of bioclimatic logic and the incorporation of additional elements such as sliding glass and shutter systems, vertical shading rolling screens (ZIP), LED lighting, etc.
  • State-of-the-art components such as the invisible patented silent rotation mechanism and automation systems
  • Wide range of solutions and possibilities for customization and extension to meet every need.


Product benefits

  1. Sliding shutter with louver or fabric
  2. Integrated water sealing and drainage system
  3. Ease and speed of installation
  4. Integrated glass partition system
  5. Dimmable LED lights on transoms and louvers
  6. Unparalleled aesthetics and comfort
  7. Unlimited color options



  • Aluminium structure (120mm)
  • Up to 6.5x4.5 m or 6.2x4.2 m
  • Multiple construction options that cover every need and complexity
  • Single wall-mounted
  • single wall-mounted with intermediate transon
  • single free-standing
  • single wall-mounted intermediate transon
  • mutliple free-standing
  • mutliple free-standing with intermediate transons
  • double wall-mounted with intermediate transons
  • double free-standing
  • double free-standing with intermediate transons
  • embedded
  • Structures with additional elements such as sliding and shading screens
  • Sliding shutter with louver or fabric
  • Integrated water sealing and drainage system - A design innovation that offers protection against heavy rainfall
  • Efficient sealing along the entire water path, from louvers to ground
  • Protection against possible overflow in the event of heavy rainfall, thanks to the wide gutters and the other profile sections through which the water passes
  • Minimal use of silicone, which guarantees a longer service life
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Thanks to their special design, with modular profiles and hook-type accessories, the bioclimatic pergolas can be installed quickly and easily


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