Krinkels Breda

pure curved solar control facade glazing

vandaglas メーカー として

Krinkels Groep is an international company, specialized in sustainable quality management and professional design of public and public space. The new business premises, where the inside and outside merge seamlessly, has become a more than representative calling card for everything Krinkels stands for in the open landscape location in Breda.

Both concave and convex curved solar heat resistant IsoPerform Curved XTR 70/33 LE1.0 panes have been used in the exterior facades. With solar heat-resistant insulating glass, the coating is in position 2 (the cavity side of the outer pane). The bending of the glass is carried out extremely cleanly by Vandaglas. Unevenness during the bending process can cause distortions. The thermal or solar heat-resistant coating can also visually reinforce this distortion. The Vandaglas group specializes in curved IsoPerform Curved double glass and TriplePerform Curved triple glass.


IsoPerform (Curved) XTR70/33, CurvePerform DGU/TGU
vandaglas さんの IsoPerform (Curved) XTR70/33, CurvePerform DGU/TGU