KlearSky™ Metal Framed Glass Skylights

Kingspan Light Air
KlearSky™ Metal Framed Glass Skylights
KlearSky™ Metal Framed Glass Skylights
Kingspan Light Air

KlearSky metal framed glass skylights offer a wide range of options to suit diverse architectural needs. These options include standard configurations like pyramids, polygons, segmented barrel vaults, single slopes (which can span up to 22 feet) and ridges (which can span up to 40 feet), in addition to fully customizable shapes for complete freedom of design. A varied array of UV-stable (non-yellowing) glass glazing options are also available to meet the most stringent energy code performance requirements, including high-performance insulating glass and laminated glass. 


Architects can further enhance their designs by choosing from an extensive range of frame finish options, including powder coat, anodized finishes or fluoropolymer paint, offered in both standard and custom colors. Builders will benefit from the quick and easy installation process facilitated by KlearSky's QuickLink™ technology, which requires 75% fewer fasteners. 


Leveraging its nationwide footprint, Kingspan Light + Air manufactures and ships KlearSky metal framed glass skylights from three manufacturing locations across the country, providing a consistent product and efficient delivery regardless of the project's location. To ensure optimal performance, the skylights have undergone rigorous testing and boast exceptional water infiltration performance, testing at 15 psf, surpassing North American industry standards. An industry-leading 10-year material warranty and a two-year labor warranty are also offered, guaranteeing long-term protection and peace of mind.  


In addition to versatility, durability and accessibility, Kingspan Light + Air has also prioritized sustainability in the design, manufacturing process and supply chain of the new product. KlearSky metal framed glass skylights primarily consist of glass and aluminum, both of which utilize pre-consumer recycled content and are post-consumer recyclable. In line with Kingspan’s 10-year Planet Passionate sustainability program and 2030 goal of reducing the carbon intensity of key raw materials by 50%, Kingspan Light + Air is also actively incorporating recycled materials into the production of various components. 


To learn more about Kingspan Light + Air’s new KlearSky metal framed glass skylights, visit www.kingspan.com/us/en/products/metal-framed-skylights. For more information about Planet Passionate, visit www.kingspan.com/us/en/about-us/Planet-Passionate. 

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